Monday Night Net 2023-01-30

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Monday Night Net 2023-01-30

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Reminder: The Monday net will be conducted today, the Thirtieth of January, 2023, at 1900h. The net will be carried out on the Boundary Amateur Radio Club FM simplex backup frequency, 146.550, with no tone and no offset.
A Zoom meeting will be held in combination with the net. Please consider joining even if you do not need help, as you may be able to help others.
The purpose of the Zoom link is so if anyone is having trouble getting their radio to work on simplex or not sure why they aren't being heard, we can troubleshoot and debug in real time through this second channel.

You can join from a smartphone or a web browser.

There's no way to directly phone-call in because I don't have the Pro plan any more.

Everyone is welcome to join with video and voice, or just voice only, no video. W7BFI is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Barc Simplex Net
Time: Jan 30, 2023 07:00 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting ... ltZktidz09

Meeting ID: 842 7284 0925
Passcode: W7BFI

Winlink checkins are accepted all day at Note that Winlink only accepts email from other Winlink addresses as a default.

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Re: Monday Night Net 2023-01-30

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We tried holding the Zoom call for this net but only N0CDF and WD9PK joined the Zoom. Sounds like everyone else was able to make contact simplex just fine, so unless we have n00bs who want real-time assistance with their radios joining the net, probably won't do the Zoom option again.
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